LocateADoc.com Released Plastic Surgery Cost Infographic for Men and Women!

LocateADoc.com has recently released a fantastic plastic surgery cost infographic for both men and women. Why do people shell out so much money for plastic surgery? Well the answer obviously is to look better and feel wonderful about themselves. In addition, as I have written before, it is becoming the rising trend for job seekers as the job market becomes more and more competitive.

Not all plastic surgery is invasive and in fact, the request for minimally invasive procedures has increased 123% in the last decade. One third of cosmetic patients are getting pretty with a $30,000 a year salary. The great news is because cosmetic and plastic surgery have become more affordable than ever! Click on the infographic and find out more about what is popular and where.




Popular procedures and plastic surgery cost statistics from 2011:

Facelift - $6,408;  Eyelid Surgery - $2,630;  Breast Augmentation - $3,501;  Tummy Tuck - $5,279;  Liposuction - $2,773;  Male Breast Reduction - $3,27

Men and women rarely agree, but they do meet in the middle on one thing: everyone wants a better looking nose.

  • The average cost of rhinoplasty is $4,246
  • Rhinoplasty is one of the most popular surgeries for both sexes
  • 2nd most popular procedure for women in 2011
  • Most popular procedure for men in 2011

Men and women throughout the US are seeking out different cosmetic surgeries and trends are evident by region. 36% of breast augmentation patients in 2011 went under the knife in the Mountain/Pacific region.

Most popular surgical cosmetic procedures and the number performed in 2011:

Locateadoc.com will also provide you with extensive information about your procedure including before and after pictures on your specific procedure and you can contact a cosmetic or plastic surgery doctor to schedule a consultation in your area.

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