The Rising Trend in Male Beauty Treatments is Definite to Advance

Compelled by a developing demand for men to look good and younger, it seems the rising trend in male beauty treatments is definite to advance. Supporting this, clinics are acknowledging to this demand and offering services and treatments accommodated to the male market.

Micheal Breiner, a plastic surgery doctor in Roanoke, Virginia, reportedly told WDBJ 7, a local news channel, "A lot of older men are feeling they may lose their jobs or have lost their job and they're really trying to maintain their competitive edge by looking younger”.

Posted in Zimbo, Nazim Mahmood from Face Clinic London, one of London’s leading cosmetic clinics based in Soho, reportedly was asked about the increasing trend for male cosmetic treatments.

He said, “We have seen a large increase in the number of male clients through the door in recent years. Our most popular male treatments are Botox followed by dermal fillers and then underarm sweating treatment.”

No longer is a fashionable domain of beauty-seeking women, the inquiring of age restoration now, without a doubt an accepted venture of both sexes.

"It's a cultural change," says Dr. Nicholas Nikolov, a Beverly Hills plastic surgery doctor who has noted a 30% increase in male clients over the past three years. "The perception is that people who are energetic and capable look youthful. Patients want to look younger so that the outside matches their enthusiasm and vigor inside."

"Men are slowly starting to realize there are options out there that will not drastically change their looks; rather, just make them look and feel younger," says Dr. Lisa Kellett, a cosmetic dermatology doctor in Canada. "The benefit is that there is no surgery so, therefore, no downtime and more reasonable cost than surgery."

"Men absolutely love facials and pedicures," Vika Goodale admits to seeing more men than women at her clinic saying, "When you have younger and younger and smarter guys coming in looking for your job, grooming is a big way of keeping up."

As our fathers and grandfathers would have no part of the dramatic aesthetic approach of cosmetic surgery, it seems to be on the rise among modern men. Contact a cosmetic surgery doctor in your area today!

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