Halloween Horror-Scary Celebrity Plastic Surgery Pictures

Halloween is almost here! And, on behalf of this day, I thought I would put together some celebrities that look scary after their plastic surgery.

Known for her extensive facial cosmetic surgery, Jocelyn Wildenstein was the wife of Alec Wildenstein, a family member of the wealthy Wildenstein family of renowned art dealers. She's been reported to have spent $2,000,000 intended to look cat like for her cheating husband who claimed to love big cats. Well Jocelyn we all know what you are going to be for Halloween.

Scott "Carrot Top" Thompson, known for his bright red hair, self-deprecation, and prop comedy, had a unique look to begin with. Shocking his fans, no longer looking  like a skinny guy, shows up looking like a buff weight lifter and what some say on steroids. His bad plastic surgery looks scary and on steroids too. As you can see, the pictures suggest that he has had his brow lifted, botox and some kind of chemical peel or laser resurfacing treatment to diminish his freckles, leaving him with a pail scary clown face.


The former blonde bomb shell, Three's Company star, Susanne Somers, is barely recognizable. It has been reported that she underwent an innovative procedure- stem cell face lift, which entails re- injecting fat into your face. It isn't yet approved by the U.S. and can cost up to $15,000. Her skin looks tight, but she looks overdone as if she were wearing her own rubberface mask.


Joan Van Ark is known for playing Valere Ewing a fictional character in the CBS prime-time soap opera Knots Landing, a spin-off from the long-running series Dallas, in which she also appeared. Van Ark's face looks older than it did before surgery...or surgeries. At 67 years of age, it's time to age gracefully and give up the ghost. Although, it may be too late. BOO!

Whoever did these faces obviously did some jacked up work! Be sure to research your plastic surgery doctor and view the surgeons before and after procedures performed on previous patients. Locateadoc.com can help you find a board certified plastic surgery doctor, where you are able to see before and after pictures, and research your plastic surgery procedure.

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