4 Celebrity Plastic Surgery Stories You Should Know About

The Real Life Human Ken Doll

In his reluctant end for a perfect look, 32-year-old Justin Jedlica, from New York City, so far, according to reports, has spent more than $100,000 on..... According to Huffington Post, despite having had so many plastic surgeries, he still plans to get a few more. He has reportedly done multiple surgeries on his....

Heidi Montag Should Have Researched Her Plastic Surgery

Reality TV star Heidi Montag originally wanted just a nose job and admits to having regrets talking herself into 10 cosmetic procedures in one day. The former The Hills star became "really excited" about the prospect of having a completely new face and new boobs and opted to have everything done at once.

American Horror Story’s Jessica Lange Might Have Undergone Plastic Surgery

According to Radar Online, their expert celebrity plastic surgeon, Dr. Anthony Youn states, American Horror Story's, Jessica Lange, might have undergone a good deal of plastic surgery over the past years. Lange, 63, who plays Constance Langdon on "American Horror Story" on FX, looks very different than she used to. According to the doctor, who describes Lange's transformation from how she looked when she starred on Tootsie with Dustin Hoffman in 1982.

‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham’s New Face

As fans have seen, Farrah hasn't had much luck finding love on the show, but with her new face, she is now more determined to find a man. She explains, "It's said that if you're happier, you have better luck with relationships”. It seems the more confident she is with herself, the more likely she will find love. It’s been reported that Farrah has recently signed with a modeling agency. I’m sure that was a huge confidence booster.

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