The Real Life Human Ken Doll

In his reluctant end for a perfect look, 32-year-old Justin Jedlica, from New York City, so far, according to reports, has spent more than $100,000 on stomach, chest, buttocks, biceps, triceps, and face surgeries in 10 years.

Although, growing up, Jedlica was a straight-A student and overachiever, he felt imperfect pronouncing his nose was “astronomically huge." 

According to Huffington Post, despite having had so many plastic surgeries, he still plans to get a few more. He has reportedly done multiple surgeries on his nose and other parts of his body, including cheek implants, pectoral implants, six-pack implants, triceps and biceps implants, and butt implants.

Some plastic surgery doctors agree that too much surgery can put one’s life at risk.

Dr Rhys Branman of Little Rock Cosmetic Surgery Center states, “This is a young man who started out as good looking. He has been getting quite a bit of publicity lately. I can understand that he may have wanted to ‘perfect’ his nose, which was his first surgery, but now he is putting his life in danger. There is such a thing as too much cosmetic surgery. It is very important to consider one’s general health and recovery time. Yes, some people want to look unique, but why risk your life?”

I’m sure you are asking, “why didn’t he just work out a little?” Well, Justin explains, “that is so not exciting, not glamorous or fabulous”. In an interview for ABC’s 20/20, Jedlica admitted to being addicted to plastic surgery. He also admits, “there is no perfect and no end point”.

"I love to metamorphosize myself, and the stranger the surgery the better," Bucking the norm is so much fun."

Sonya, claiming to be a therapist commented, “He had a nice nose to start with. This is called Body Dysmorphic Disorder; it is a real mental illness and as soon as I read about him hating his nose when he was younger, it confirmed for me that he has this. In this illness, people with no or extremely minor imperfections are convinced that one of their body parts is extremely ugly – and 100% of outside observers have no idea what they are talking about. There is treatment available through therapy and maybe medications, but left untreated they do often resort to plastic surgery to “fix” their (imaginary) “imperfections.” In his mind, he really truly did think that his nose was ugly. In reality, this was 100% a mental delusion. There is still hope for him if he will seek competent mental health treatment from a BDD specialist (psychologist or therapist who specializes in the treatment of BDD). (I am a therapist)”

Do you think Justin Jedlica has a mental illness? Do you think his plastic surgery procedures are “glamorous” and look “fabulous”? Alternatively, is he seeking the publicity in which he is clearly receiving?


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