Teens Going Under the Knife-Not All People Think Bigger is Better

Although Breast Augmentation is the most popular plastic surgery in the country, not all people think bigger is better. Studies find that large breasts can take a physical and emotional toll on young girls. There have been an increasing number of adolescent teenage girls seeking breast reductions.

Monika Montalvo from Miramar, Fla. noticed her breasts getting bigger and bigger as she got older and were developing faster than her friends were. “I went to middle school and noticed I was bigger than the other girls and they just kept growing and growing", Montalvo speaks out on WPLG local 10 news. "I wanted to do cheerleading but I couldn't. The pain in my back was horrible and on top of that, it was hard to find clothing." Taking a toll on Montalvo’s self-esteem, she said, "I'd go to the mall with my friends and it was like people were always staring at my chest”.

Memorial Healthcare plastic surgeon, Dr. Jonathan Weiser admits to the substantial negative effect on many of the teenage girls who consult with him about breast reduction. "These can be issues with socialization or physical problems such as back pain, neck pain and shoulder pain," said Weiser. "What we've found over time is that some of these factors, if not treated when they're young, get worse over time." Weiser also expresses his concern of the teen being an appropriate candidate and addressing motivations and expectations, "If they have changed their size in well over a year, we can feel pretty confident they're done growing”. "We want to be sure she's initiating the appointment, not her parents or her friends, and we need her to understand what she might be facing after surgery," said Weiser.

At 16 years old, Mondalvo underwent surgery with Dr. Weiser. She joined the cheerleading squad, and is able to find clothes that fit her.

"I couldn't wait any longer. I had to get it done," Montalvo said. "It's great. I can feel the difference. I don't have as much weight on me anymore," she said. "I'm so happy I did it."

Do you believe the average body is finished developing before 20 years of age?

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