3 Celebrities Not Ashamed of Plastic Surgery

Being in the spotlight seems to have a vast affect on many celebrities. The camera shows every flaw, and harsh comments from fans and haters may cause the need to perfect the ideal look people want. Some celebrities are honest and not ashamed to say they have had work done. In addition, let us face it; we all do not want to look old especially in the spotlight.

According to People magazine, Dr. John Grossman, Dolly Parton’s plastic surgeon located in Denver and Colorado stated, Parton, 57, is "genetically gifted. Her skin is beautiful. In the South, getting a tan was a sign that you had to work in the fields, so she never went in the sun. She's pretty, but even pretty people age." Parton once told Larry King, "I look at myself like a show dog. I've got to keep her clipped and trimmed and in good shape." Dr. Grossman says, "She has a generous bosom, which I augmented some years ago. She's had her face rejuvenated on a number of occasions, [but] not a full face-lift."

Ashlee Simpson didn’t give any specific aspects and was most modest about her new nose. She later told Us Weekly, “as long as people have two eyes, then you probably know the answer” to whether or not she had work done. Nice nose job!

Joan Rivers, 70, says, "I had a full face-lift in 1985 or '86.” Now she goes every two years for rejuvenation.

"Little tweakies. I'll go every two years and they'll put in a little Botox, a little collagen. I'm a great one for maintenance”, Rivers admits. "I talked about it from the beginning because it's so wonderful. There is still a certain group that doesn't talk. They want you to think they're naturally gorgeous. That makes me laugh. Just look at your old pictures. Your teeth got straight overnight!"

Celebrities, who try to fool the public, may be the cause of people thinking themselves should look like that naturally. However, in reality, most of the time they were born with the perfect genes money could buy.


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