Fall Style - "Muffin Tops" are Out

The fall style is here, the weather is cooling down, and most of us want to slip into last year’s jeans. What’s this you see? Your squeezing tight jeans are showing your “muffin top”. Many women flock to the cosmetic surgery doctor for a SmartLipo (Laser Liposuction) procedure, removing the excess fat in their tummy or thighs.

“Many times with diet and exercise alone, men and women will still have resistant fat in certain areas,” says Dr. Deal, a Double Board Certified Cosmetic Surgeon at Southern Surgical Arts. “Liposuction should be more properly termed Liposculpture, as it is more about improving a patients shape than size.”

It is imperative to choose a liposuction surgeon who is properly trained in the technique. According to the, the American Society of Plastic Surgery reported, one in four doctors performing liposuction were primary care physicians, of which 40% had no formal surgical training.

Being that the weather will be cooler, there is no better time to have liposuction than in the fall as post-treatment garments can be hidden under cool weather attire. And remember, muffin tops look better in the bakery window than hanging out of your jeans.

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