Did Nollywood Diva Get a Butt Lift? Why not a Breast Augmentation?

In the Nigerian film industry, Nollywood diva, Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde, spotted on Toyin Street in Ikeja Lagos, after an event, with more of a bodacious and sexier booty than remembered. It is rumored, Omotola underwent cosmetic plastic surgery for a butt lift, which the diva has denied. Personally, It looks to me she always had a full and sexy butt.

Showbiz.peacefmonline.com cited a source who states, “The Omotola we used to know was shapely not as Donklicious as this. But the dimension of her bum today is just awesome! Look at how flat her tummy is. Combine that with the size of her hips and …. It all suggests that she must have had a bum lift. What we are seeing today is the product of cosmetic surgery; bum enhancement. There is no way she can deny it; she’s definitely had a bum lift”.

Nonetheless, a closer insider, claimed to have stated, Omotola didn’t get a butt lift procedure and that this results from gaining weight. “Omotola is a callipygian by nature. That is her real physique. What makes it so obvious now is that she has added a little weight. People should stop spreading rumors. Okay, if she could do a bum lift, why not breast enlargement as well because we all know she has rather small boobs. That tells you it’s all rumors.”

So basically, instead of the curiosity of what she had done, why not save us some troubles and let her know what she needs done – a breast augmentation and a weightloss counselor.

What do you think?

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