The Little Mermaid Gets Plastic Surgery in Venezuelan Ad

A plastic surgery center in Venezuela has created an ad campaign to attract more clients by giving The Little Mermaid and other characters from the movie a plastic surgery makeover. The ad shows The Little Mermaid with much larger breasts and the Evil Witch seems to have undergone a facial reconstruction procedure to appear much younger than she is in the movie. Even the Frog Prince has undergone a makeover, appearing much more muscular and toned, and with a sculpted jawline.

The ads have created some controversy in the United States and around the globe, as many people are wondering why the Arial needed a breast enhancement in the first place. The original character was fairly well-proportioned and only showed a little cleavage; the ads show much larger breasts and Aerial’s face has also been transformed to appear more sculpted and youthful.

The tagline of the ad is, “We make fairy tales come true” and features Arial escaping the clutches of Ursula only to find herself on a hospital stretcher as plastic surgeons start working on her.

The ad has sparked plenty of controversy across the Web since its release, and many people have commented that the ad portrays an unrealistic ideal for younger women. Using Disney characters in the ad only creates a bigger problem, and may end up sending the wrong message to young girls and Disney fans of all ages. Even the idea that the Little Mermaid would undergo plastic surgery has generated some angry responses.

What do you think about this ad concept? Is it appropriate for a plastic surgery center? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Website Image of the Little Mermaid

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