New England Patriots All-Pro Wide Receiver Wes Welker- What's That Under Your Helmet

Just recently in July of 2012, the New England Patriots All-Pro Wide Receiver Wes Welker joins the millions of men battling with hair loss. Welker chose Dr. Robert Leonard, chief surgeon and founder of Leonard Hair Transplant Associates.

“When I was considering hair transplantation I knew that I wanted to work with the best in the field and that is why I chose Dr. Robert Leonard,” Welker said. “Dr. Leonard has a tremendous reputation and his knowledge and expertise helped put my mind at ease throughout the process.”

The procedure required transplanting follicles to the thinning area on Welker’s scalp. It was a onetime session, which lasted for 5 hours. There wasn’t any evidence he had the procedure, not even a bandage. Welker was able to return to his regular activities immediately, such as training for football season, including wearing a helmet. He should begin to see results of his growing locks notably in 4 months.

Dr. Leonard has more than 26 years under his belt in hair restoration, and he states, “The result of a hair restoration procedure today is dramatically different than the result of a hair restoration surgery two decades ago”. Dr. Leonard adds, “Technology is constantly improving, and the tools we have available in my offices today allow for a thicker, fuller more natural look than ever before”.

Enjoying his new ‘do Welker has agreed to appear on T.V., radio, and advertise with Dr. Leonard about his experience and raising awareness about hair loss.

Share your hair loss experiences with us. Why is it important to you? We want to know.

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