Plastic Surgeon Sues After a Near Death 'Mob' Reality

Renee Graziano and Karlie ReddReality star Renee Graziano's excitement over a body makeover during the first season of VH1's Mob Wives last year was so short lived she almost died during the surgery. But her New York city plastic surgeon says it was just drama she created to get reality show attention and filed suit last week against her and several other companies for $77 million.

Just two months ago, Graziano revealed the results of surgery from her second New York plastic surgeon. "I finally got my ass fine, and I am very happy!" she said to RadarOnline of Dr. Michael Fiorillo's work.

“She definitely had a complication [from her previous surgery]." Fiorillo said before working on her earlier this year.

But it was just last June when the Twitter feed of her first doctor Andrew Klapper, MD was all positive. Graziano was tweeting to Basketball Wives star Evelyn Lozada about her excitement for her $30k body makeover, which included a tummy tuck and butt lift.

@EvelynLozada yes u do look 25 n whn @AndrewKlapperMD is done with me so will i!!! i love my DOC!!!

Dr. Klapper was very much looking forward to the episode, sending a tweet to his soon-to-be lawsuit defendant.

@reneegraziano can't wait... My prediction highest rated show of the season!

It was back and forth love for days; then abruptly there are no more posts after June 27, 2011. Soon after, she was on The View saying she lost six pints of blood while undergoing the surgery. The actual operation was filmed for the Mob Wives show, which is why Klapper is seeking damages from VH1 and The Weinstein Co which produces the show.

“She has been on a media campaign to destroy this man’s professional reputation and she has succeeded,” Klapper's lawyer Barry Levin was quoted saying in the NY Daily News. “His practice has diminished considerably in the last year.”

The 44 year-old Mob Wives reality star is the daughter of Bonanno family consgliere Anthony Graziano, 71, who was recently sentenced to a 19-month prison term late last month for an extortion plot. It was the reality star's ex-husband, Hector "Junior" Pagan, who wore a wire to gain the evidence to convict her father.

"My ex-husband, that creep, gave me the worst complex in the world. I had surgery because he told me I wasn’t pretty enough," she explained to RadarOnline about Pagan, who is serving time for running a marijuana distribution ring. "I wasn’t mentally strong enough to stand up to him so I gave into some very foolish things."

Now after the surgeries by Dr. Fiorillo, Graziano couldn't be happier.

"The recovery was great. I was out in two days, whereas my first surgery took me four months to recover from. I am so happy with the results! I have the cutest little tush. I keep telling everyone to touch it," Graziano said. "I’m done chopping my body, I will still maintain my face but that can be filled with my own body fat now too so it’s nothing foreign."

Graziano posted the picture above on Twitter of her with Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star Karlie Redd (left) in Los Angeles this past weekend.

Below are the last posts on Twitter made by Klapper. The suit was filed in the Brooklyn Supreme Court.

Dr Andrew Klapper Twitter Feed

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