5 Celebrity Plastic Surgery Stories You Should Know About

Bullied Teen gets a Back to School Face  When you think of the first day of school, most teens need a new backpack, school supplies, and trendy clothes. Not Nadia Ilse, a 14-year-old girl from Georgia who walks in on the first day of school with a new face and new self-confidence.

5 Celebrities Addicted to Plastic Surgery  Many celebrities aren’t afraid to share that they’ve had a little nip and tuck to improve their appearance, but some undergo multiple procedures just to maintain their stunning looks. 

Tyra Banks Fully Supports Plastic Surgery  Former supermodel, celebrity TV host, and author Tyra Banks isn’t one of the many celebrities against plastic surgery.

Nose Job is Part of Painful History for Olympian Gabby Douglas  A superstar standout in London for the 2012 Olympics, gymnast Gabby Douglas had to overcome self-esteem deflating comments about her nose as a pre-teen.

Former Supermodel Jerry Hall Thinks Plastic Surgery is a Sickness   Former supermodel Jerry Hall has publicly criticized plastic surgery and says that women who do undergo different procedures are “monsters”.

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