Bullied Teen gets a Back to School Face

When you think of the first day of school, most teens need a new backpack, school supplies, and trendy clothes. Not Nadia Ilse, a 14-year-old girl from Georgia who walks in on the first day of school with a new face and new self-confidence. In a recent interview with ABC Nightline, Nadia had stated to be a victim of bullying.

"They said I have the biggest ears that they've ever seen, they called me Dumbo, elephant ears," Nadia said. "I act like I didn't care though I really did. It hurt a lot."

After years of tormenting, she said school was a nightmare; making excuses as her mother said, "She would mostly say that she has migraines.” Nadia also contemplated suicide, but realized plastic surgery was a better option and so did her mom.

Lynda Ilse went online and found the Little Baby Face Foundation, an organization that donates time and money in fixing birth deformities for those less financially fortunate. Dr. Thomas Romo states that Nadia was chosen for her deformities rather than her story about bullying, the Little Baby Face Foundation donated money for the teen to get an otoplasty (ear surgery), a chin implant for balance and a nose job. Dr. Thomas Romo added, “If that helps her from being bullied, thank you God.”

Nadia and her mother understand that plastic surgery was an extreme solution and not all her problems are solved. It’s been reported that over 11,000 otoplasties were performed last year and the procedure is the most common form of plastic surgery among teens. Experts say that cases like Nadia's should be an exception, not the rule.

Do you consider this extremity a burden for the victim? Is a plastic surgery solution for bullying sending out the wrong message, and not getting to the core of the bullying trend being set somewhere out there?

Photo courtesy of the Ilse Family


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