Nose Job is Part of Painful History for Olympian Gabby Douglas

Gabby Gifford Kellogg's Corn FlakesA superstar standout in London for the 2012 Olympics, gymnast Gabby Douglas had to overcome self-esteem deflating comments about her nose as a pre-teen. Now at 16, she reveals how "very hurtful" those comments were about her needing a nose job.

The Olympian with two gold medals talked to Vanity Fair recently about the challenges she faced with bullying at her former Virginia gym, Excalibur. It is reporting a staffer at the gym even suggested rhinoplasty for the young gymnast.

"…At a party several years ago, an Excalibur staff member suggested she consider reconstructive surgery on her nose, claiming it appeared too flat -- and other gymnasts had teased the future champ's appearance."

This would have been when Douglas was 12-13 years old. While claiming it was joke, the staffer's comments had Douglas respond by saying they were "very hurtful."

How young is too young for cosmetic surgery when bullying is involved?

USA Gymnastics tweeted this photo saying "New Olympic champion @gabrielledoug to be on @Kelloggs_US Corn Flakes boxes this fall."

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