Hollywood’s Worst Celebrity Plastic Surgery Disasters

We’ve all heard about celebrities going under the knife to improve their looks and enhance their appearance, and while some do manage to enhance their looks with a nip and tuck, others fall victim to a plastic surgery disaster. Celebrities including Tara Reid and Amanda Lepore have been criticized and publicly humiliated after repeat plastic surgery procedures that have led to disaster. Fortunately for stars like Tara Reid, revision surgery has helped to correct the deformities and irregularities caused by the botched procedure. Still, many celebrities aren’t so lucky and have to find ways to mask their anti-aging disaster.

Business Insider features 17 celebrities who have been victims of plastic surgery disasters over the course of their careers. Among them is Amanda Lepore, a 44-year-old transgender model and recording artists who has undergone so many procedures that she is now barely recognizable.

Another is “Splash” actress Daryl Hannah who denies ever having plastic surgery because she says it makes people “look like Muppets”. However, comparing her before and after pictures reveals that she may have had some type of lip augmentation procedure and fillers in her cheeks because both features look fuller, swollen, and out of proportion to the rest of her face.

Former Playboy playmate Shauna Sand also made the list for her lip injections that have completely changed her appearance.

Which celebrities do you think have gone too far with plastic surgery? Are you considering going under the knife yourself? Share your thoughts below!

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