Australian Celebrities from “The Shire” Support Cosmetic Surgery

A new TV show in Australia called The Shire recently spotlighted plastic surgery and featured the stars of the show having now qualms about treatments. The show’s stars Sophie and Vernesa aren’t afraid to show off their fake breasts in revealing tops and dresses, and are both sporting the infamous lip-enhanced pouts. Vernesa admits that she’s been told not to have any more filler treatments in her lips to prevent her lips from touching her nose. She undergoes Botox for the first time on camera.

According to IBISWorld, Australian women are expected to spend $850 million on cosmetic enhancements in 2012. In 2009, Americans spent $6.6 billion on cosmetic surgery in 201, according to a survey of plastic surgeons by the ASAPS.

A doctor in Australia says that cosmetic treatments like Botox, lip augmentation, breast implants, and other popular procedures often performed on celebrities are becoming increasingly popular among younger generations. He says that women as young as 22 and 23 are getting treatments like Botox to lift up their eyebrows and eliminate any premature wrinkles.

Plastic surgeon Dr. Kouroush Tavakoli, based in Australia, says that his clients fall under two distinct demographics: half are between the ages of 18 and 28, and the other half are between 32 and 40. He points out that the younger girls typically can’t afford to pay $10,000 for a breast augmentation procedure, and end up coming to him after a botched procedure overseas, or with an inexperienced surgeon.

Sophie from the show says people will, “fit you in anywhere”, provided you are attractive. She emphasizes that “image is everything”. That certainly seems to be the case for these two stars who are intent on enhancing their looks at any cost.

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