Heidi Montag Opens Up about Her Plastic Surgery Makeover

Heidi Montag is no stranger to plastic surgery, having undergone 10 plastic surgery procedures in a single day back in 2010. The star has had breast augmentation, liposuction, multiple nose jobs, and several other procedures to become what US Magazine describes as, “an over-the-top version of her”. Montag reportedly won’t be going under the knife again and recently told Celebuzz that, “It was a lot more than I could have expected. I really hate talking about it now because it was so long ago.”

The star says that she is actually quite thankful that her plastic surgeries were so successful, and that her body didn’t become disfigured after her procedures. She points out, “It could have been really disastrous”.

And, she’s right. There is no guarantee that any cosmetic procedure will have a successful outcome, no matter how skilled the surgeon may be and how minor the actual surgery might be. Many celebrities have fallen victim to plastic surgery disasters – and been publicly criticized for having undergone the procedure in the first place. Stars including Tara Reid, ‘Lil Kim and Bruce Jenner are just a few victims of bad plastic surgery.

Montag goes on to say, “I lived and learned, and I wouldn’t really recommend it for other people. It was a lot harder than I thought it would be going through it – physically, mentally, emotionally, recovering…But I’m just glad it’s done and that everything healed so well.”

Montag certainly is lucky to have undergone so many procedures and not having any complications from any procedure. Still, she was quite young when she had the surgery – just 25 – so her body was capable of healing quickly.

Regardless of the type of procedure, it’s important to work with a board-certified plastic surgery doctor who has years of experience specializing in the procedure you’re interested in. Every body heals differently and the outcome isn’t guaranteed. View successful plastic surgery before and after pictures here.

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