5 Celebrity Plastic Surgery Stories You Should Know About

Miley Cyrus' Plump Lips Drive Cosmetic Surgery Rumors

With the focus on her new hairstyle, Miley Cyrus is dealing with even more scrutiny than normal. Rumors of cosmetic surgery have now surfaced due to a photo she posted of herself on Twitter with plump lips. "Definitely don't get my lips injected," she wrote on Twitter after the rumors started flying. "It's so sad that people have done so much shit to their face people don't believe in natural beauty."

Kobe Bryant's Wife Denies Plastic Surgery Reports

A National Enquirer report had Vanessa Bryant undergoing cosmetic surgery to help save her marriage saying she "would do anything to keep Kobe happy." Troy, Michigan plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn  said: "'Her nose is thin with what appears to be scars at the base of each nostril. In some people, this is a telltale sign of a nose job."

Former Bachelorette: "I wanted to feel pretty again -- and I do!"

After breast feeding two children, the first Bachelorette, Trista Sutter, turned to cosmetic surgery to help her regain confidence in her body telling Life & Style magazine it was “just for my own self-confidence and to feel good again about being in bathing suits and being intimate with my husband.” Sutter chose blepharoplasty and breast augmentation by Houston's Dr Franklin Rose who removed the bags under her eyes and lifted her cup size from a small B to a full C.

Stallone's 90-year-old Mom Flaunts New Look

At the premier of the 'Expendables 2' last week, Jackie Stallone was seen on the red carpet fueling rumors that she had more collagen injections. “Her lips are far too big," Dr. Aamer Khan told the British paper The Mirror. "She has them over-filled and I hope it’s not with silicon, as she’ll be stuck with it.”

Little Mermaid Plastic Surgery Ad Draws Criticism

Venezuelan plastic surgery clinic Clinica Dempere's "We make fairly tales come true" ad campaign is being criticized for transforming the Little Mermaid character Ariel into a sexier shape, including adding legs instead of fin. Disney has yet to respond.

Trista Sutter website image accredited to Life & Style

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