Celebrities in their 30’s Who Have Had Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is many a celebrity’s best-kept secret to looking young and youthful, but even younger stars – especially those in their 30’s – aren’t afraid to get a little nip and tuck to be beautiful. Breast implants are still one of the most popular types of plastic surgery among the Hollywood crowds, and many celebrities aren’t afraid to admit that they’ve had the coveted boob job. Celebrities including Kourtney Kardashian, Victoria Beckham, and Tori Spelling are just a few stars that have had breast implants and haven’t been afraid to show them off by wearing plunging necklines and tops that accentuate their chest.

Nikki Cox is now 34 years old and has already undergone several facial procedures to maintain her youthful look. The star has been criticized for having an overdone lip augmentation procedure which has left her looking anything but natural.

Victoria Beckham has been criticized for her breasts after a botched breast augmentation procedure that left her with two oversized and visibly separated breasts. She has since had them removed, but may still have had other plastic surgery procedures.

‘Lil Kim struck a chord with fans recently after a show where she appeared to have had some type of botched procedure. The 37-year-old star may have undergone facial plastic surgery or too many fillers, leaving her face extremely puffy, swollen, and disfigured. Some speculate that she also had some type of plastic surgery on her body.

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