Kim Kardashian's Thinning Hair Treatment: Teasing

Kim Kardashian's teasing comments about her brother's thinning hair in a recent episode of their reality show pushed Rob Kardashian into exploring Hair Restoration.

“It really bugs me that Kim makes these comments like you’re balding,” the Keeping up with the Kardashian's star said.

Rob's journey took him to Hair Restoration of California where he ultimately brought home a HairMax LaserComb which would have him slowly move the comb over his hair regularly, something sister Khloé Kardashian questioned as she comforted him through his worry of self-esteem.

It's something American Idol contestant Matt Rogers can relate to as he credits Bosley's hair restoration with boosting his self-esteem.

"I'm fortunate I discovered Bosley when I did," Rogers said. "My career as an actor and model was never affected by my receding hairline because I got  on it early."

Eventually Rob's brother-in-law and NBA star Lamar Odom told him he was forced to face his own hair loss at age 19 and ultimately just shaved it off, giving thanks to Michael Jordan for setting the trend.

Have you faced a similar difficult journey with hair loss? How did you handle it?

If you are interested in learning more about hair restoration, check out our hair restoration resource guide or contact a hair restoration doctor in your area.


Kim Kardashian photo © Glenn Francis,

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