Love Hurts, Hires Hitman

Lubbock, Texas Police Department arrested Dr. Thomas Michael Dixon and David Neal Shepard in the suspected murder of Dr. Joseph Sonnier III.

Dr. Joseph Sonnier, the chief pathologist for Covenant Health System in Lubbock, was found shot dead in his Texan home on July 12, 2012. Dr. Thomas Michael Dixon, a plastic surgeon in Amarillo, TX,  allegedly hires David Neal Shepard as a hitman to kill Sonnier due to a jealous rage.

According to, Dixon had a divorce a year before. Being back in the dating scene, Dixon was hurt by the love rejection of his girlfriend, who recently started dating Sonnier. It’s been reported by that Sonnier’s girlfriend spoke out to detectives about Dixon harassing her, insisting on seeing her. Sonnier’s co-worker stated that before the fatal incident, Sonnier was concerned about his girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend not leaving her alone. Dixon had allegedly paid Shepard in three bars of silver to kill Sonnier. Written in the affidavit, police found out that Shepard had pawned a 100-ounce bar of silver for $2,750. Shepard had told his roommate he shot Sonnier in Sonnier’s home. The roommate knew Shepard was watching Sonnier for weeks. Investigators were told of other details, but are keeping them private. Dixon and Sonnier knew each other before the girlfriend issue.

Dixon was a well respected plastic surgeon and people thought never to expect something like this from such a dedicated surgeon. Goes to show what love can do.

Do not let one bad apple spoil the whole bunch. There are plenty of wonderful, mentally stable and fully qualified, board-certified plastic surgeons out there to choose.

In the world of plastic surgeons and patients, you cannot make changes to make someone like you, but change to like yourself. Unfortunately, Dr. Dixon did’nt take this advice and now three lives are changed for the worse.

Have you or anyone you know tried to make someone love you by changing the way you look or who you are?

We would love to hear your story.


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