Has Lady Gaga Had Plastic Surgery? Rumors Escalate

Rumors suggest that Lady Gaga has a lip augmentation procedure recently, and a nose job at some point in her career. A recent photo she tweeted of herself in a Melbourne hotel room revealed somewhat swollen lips that could have been the result of a lip augmentation procedure.

Pop star Lady Gaga has been fairly outspoken about plastic surgery, saying that cosmetic and plastic surgery shouldn’t be used to enhance a body we were born with. In 2010, she told the press, “I have never had plastic surgery and there are many pop singers who have.” She believes that a nip and tuck is only appropriate as “artistic expression related to body modification”.

Many stars undergo a lip-plumping treatment to achieve larger, more voluptuous looking lips. Different types of fillers can be used to create the appearance of natural-looking lips, but another option is to get lip implants with a very minor surgical procedure. In the picture that Lady Gaga tweeted, her lips look very swollen, plump, and uneven. This is usually a side effect of a recent lip filler treatment and is often coined a “trout pout”.

Gaga has not confirmed whether she has had any type of cosmetic enhancement, but rumors are still escalating around the web. However, this March she admitted that she may have plastic surgery after having kids.

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