Kate Beckinsale Against Plastic Surgery

Whether it’s Botox or breast implants, many celebrities are more than willing to get a little nip and tuck to achieve the Hollywood ideal. Still, many Hollywood stars choose to age gracefully and some even find plastic and cosmetic surgery to be immoral.

Actress Kate Beckinsale is turning 39 at the end of this month. She tells UK’s Glamour magazine that she doesn’t support the media’s obsession with beauty – especially in Hollywood and the pressure to be perfect – and says she’s “put off by all the surgically enhanced women” that she’s around. 

Beckinsale has never had any type of plastic or cosmetic surgery, and tells the magazine, “I feel like beauty is a gift that you have for a while, and you enjoy the hell out of it while you have it…And if you’re lucky enough to have a daughter and you give it to her, you enjoy the fact she has it. My mother was always very, very beautiful – she still is, in her sixties.”

Another celebrity who hasn’t refrained from speaking out against plastic surgery is Kate Winslet. Last year, Winslet told the UK press that any type of cosmetic surgery goes against her morals. She’s famous for her voluptuous figure and for being a natural beauty, and says that she prefers to keep things that way. She isn’t afraid to look older and won’t even have Botox to “freeze” her face.

Do you think Hollywood’s obsession with perfection drives celebrities to go under the knife? Share your thoughts below.

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