Botched Plastic Surgery Procedures of Soap Opera Stars

Good looks are a high priority for daytime television stars and some of our favorite soap opera actors and actresses do go under the knife to perfect their appearance. Unfortunately, many end up being victims of the next plastic surgery disaster. Botox, facelifts, liposuction, and breast augmentation are among the most popular procedures in Hollywood but the final results don’t always end up being picture-perfect.

Some recent plastic surgery tragedies:

Hunter Tylo – This actress has been on “The Bold and the Beautiful” for more than two decades but it appears she has had some type of lip augmentation procedure. According to celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn, her lips may have been injected with an excessive amount of fat and her cheeks appear to be overly plumped with fat injections as well.

Shaune Bagwell – The “Days of Our Lives” star is rumored to have maintained her youthful looks with the help of multiple plastic surgery procedures, including cheek implants and lip augmentation. While she hasn’t been a victim of a botched plastic surgery procedure (yet), she has also never admitted that she has had work done.

Joan Van Ark – The “Young and the Restless” star has undergone several plastic surgery procedures, but not all of them have helped to turn back the clock. Multiple procedures often don’t produce the best results.

Which soap opera stars do you think have gone under the knife? Share your thoughts below.


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