Simon Cowell: Plastic Surgery Rumors are False

X Factor judge and celebrity Simon Cowell was recently spotted with a set of bandages behind his left ear, leaving fans and the press wondering if Cowell had gone under the knife. Speculation that Cowell had undergone some type of face lift procedure to improve his aging visage triggered rumors that are still spreading across the web.

52-year-old Cowell shocked viewers earlier this year when he appeared on the show with droopy eyes and some light bruises. Reports surfaced that the star had had too much Botox or was suffering from a botched Botox procedure. When he appeared on the live semi-finals edition of Britain’s Got Talent last June, fans and spectators were tweeting and blogging about Cowell’s droopy left eyelid and visible bruises.

Simon Cowell  hasn't made any official comments about his appearance after the latest rumor, but his team tells Us Weekly magazine that the rumors are false. They state that, “Simon cut himself by accident. It’s not surgery.”

If Cowell did have a mini-facelift or other plastic surgery procedure, he would need to wear the bandages for several weeks and limit activities.

Do you think Simon Cowell has had plastic surgery? Share your thoughts below!

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