Bethenny Frankel Says Plastic Surgery Made Her Feel Sexier

While many celebrities prefer to stay quiet about going under the knife, Bethenny Frankel isn’t one of them. Frankel is known for sharing every little detail about her life on television and recently dished the details about not one – but multiple boob jobs – she’s had to improve her appearance. On her new talk show “Bethenny”, Frankel explained that she got her first set of breast implants when she was a teenager but they were just too big. She says that the size of the implants just made her uncomfortable so she decided to have the surgery again to get smaller implants.

She tells her guests Loni Love and Gretchen Rossi of the “Real Housewives of Orange County”, “I was in high school and probably about 30 pounds heavier and my boobs used to sag. They were bigger and they were saggy. They would almost like touch your stomach, when you feel like it’s hot and sweaty.”

Frankel later explains that when she lost the extra weight, she was dealing with a lot of excess skin and sagging: “They were small. They were nice. They were probably like a C, but they were really still saggy….I felt self-conscious that as a single woman going out and meeting men. I felt like I would be scared. So, he said put a small implant in it and it will lift it. I ended up with a D, and I didn’t feel like it was right on me. I felt kind of sloppy.”

Frankel has reportedly had multiple breast-related surgeries over her lifetime and has no qualms about plastic surgery. She encourages women to go under the knife if they want to do it, can afford it, and can do it safely.

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