‘Mob Wives’ Stars’ Plastic Surgeon Reveals Realities of Plastic Surgery

Dr. Michael Fiorillo is the famous plastic surgeon behind many bodies on the show “Mob Wives” and “Real Housewives of New Jersey”,  earning the nickname of “Dr. Fix It” in the real world because he’s become a master at fixing botched surgeries. He’s helped everyone from Danielle of “Real Housewives” to Renee Graziano of “Mob Wives” achieve a better body after some serious plastic surgery mistakes by other surgeons. Dr. Fiorillo recently interviewed with The Morton Report to share some of the realities behind plastic surgery, and gives us some insights about today’s most coveted procedures. Here’s a summary of the interview:

Most Coveted Celebrity Plastic Surgery Procedures

Dr. Fiorillo says that a lot of his patients come in to his practice seeking breast augmentation to look like Carmen Electra, or butt implants to look like Kim Kardashian. He says, “People are asking for butt enhancement all the time, I can’t believe how popular it’s getting right now! I mean, if you had told me ten years ago that a woman would be coming to me asking to inject fat into their butt, I would have thought they were crazy. Usually people want to get rid of fat. It’s amazing!”

Working with the Renee Graziano from “Mob Wives”

Renee Graziano has shared a lot of her plastics surgery experiences publicly, and Dr. Fiorillo was the surgeon behind fixing her botched operations. He says that Graziano was in really bad shape when he met her and had lost a lot of blood. She was on IV antibiotics and it took her about two to three months to fully heal. However, he was able to perform the revision surgeries she needed to achieve a more attractive figure.

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