‘Brotox’ Trend on the Rise

While thousands of women flock to the plastic surgeon’s office or medical spa for their Botox fix every month, statistics show that men are also adopting the Botox habit. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons reports that the number of men seeking cosmetic procedures continues to rise steadily year after year. Whether it’s to attract a mate, get through a mid-life crisis, or just feel more confident when applying for a job, men are relying on quick-fix procedures like Botox, facial fillers, and other minimally-invasive treatments to improve their looks. Experts have dubbed the recent increase in demand for Botox by men as “Brotox”, and it’s being embraced readily by more men across all age groups.

Brotox – What Men Want

There are no real differences between the types of injectables administered to men and women but plastic surgeons and dermatologists will customize the procedure based on the patient’s goals and natural profile.

Men are usually good candidates for Botox in the forehead to get rid of the very-visible horizontal creases. Fine lines and deeper creases are completely eliminated with a Botox treatment and can create a very smooth, youthful look.

Some men also get facial fillers like Restylane and Juvederm around the nasolabial folds. These fillers can smooth out any lines and wrinkles in this area and also create a more youthful look.

Other men may be interested in facial fillers to enhance the appearance of their chin or to create a more sculpted jawline. Plastic surgeons may suggest fillers or implants to create a stronger facial profile. In fact, recent statistics show that the demand for chin implants is at an all-time high.

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