How to Get Jennifer Lopez’s Full and Youthful Cheeks

One of the secrets to Jennifer Lopez’s youthful looks is her heart-shaped face. Jennifer’s plump, lifted cheeks help her retain a very youthful appearance and this feature has been deemed the cornerstone of a younger-looking face. As we get older, the fat in our cheeks tends to disappear and this area can even appear hollowed out. Plastic surgeons recommend facial fillers to restore the lost volume in the cheeks or even fat grafting if you want a more permanent solution.

Facial Fillers for Youthful Cheeks

Many women flock to the plastic surgeon’s office to achieve Jennifer Lopez’s fuller cheeks and heart-shaped face with the help of facial fillers. Facial fillers such as Juvederm and Restylane can increase the volume of the tissues in the cheeks immediately and the surgeon can create a very sculpted look with ease. Still, there’s a risk of overfilling the cheeks and creating a “chipmunk” appearance or a profile that looks unnatural. It’s important that the surgeon works with your current bone structure to create a very balanced appearance.

Facial fillers are the least-invasive option for achieving fuller cheeks but they are also temporary. Hyaluronic acid fillers are usually the best choice for the cheeks because they don’t cause much discomfort and bruising, and also look very natural. You will need touch-up treatments once every year or once every two years to maintain results but can decide to pursue something more permanent later, such as cheek implants or fat grafting procedures.

Cheek Implants and Fat Grafting for Youthful Cheeks

Cheek implants and fat grafting techniques are both permanent solutions for maintaining that youthful look. Cheek implants are placed right over the bone and underneath the soft tissue to create permanent fullness in the area. There is some surgery and scarring involved, so you won’t be able to enjoy results immediately.

Fat grafting is another option for those who want a more natural result. The surgeon can take fat from the thighs or abdomen with a simple liposuction technique, purify the fat, then re-inject it into the cheeks just like an injectable filler. You’ll experience some bruising for a couple of weeks but the results will be very natural.

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