Kanye Begs Kim K’s Mom to Stop Having Plastic Surgery

While Kim Kardashian has been very public about staying away from plastic surgery procedures, her mother Kris Jenner has become a well-known celebrity plastic surgery addict. Kim K.’s boyfriend Kanye West has been pleading wit Jenner to stop having plastic surgery because he fears that she will end up dead like his own mother Donda West. Donda died tragically at the age of 58 after undergoing a tummy tuck, breast reduction, and liposuction procedure. A close source reveals that, “That loss crushed Kanye”. Since Kanye’s become very close to Kris, he may be feeling that he doesn’t want to lose a second mom to a plastic surgery death.

Kris Jenner is currently 56 years old and her friends and family reportedly fear that she will end up going overboard with her plastic surgery procedures. She has already undergone a fairly extensive procedure –  a lower neck lift – to get rid of the excess skin and fat hanging right under her chin. The procedure was a success and has managed to shave off a few years. Jenner got the procedure right before the famous Kardashian wedding and the operation was televised on the show.

There are ongoing rumors that Jenner has also had a facelift and may have also ventured into the realm of Botox and fillers.

Do you think Kris Jenner needs to have more plastic surgery or is it time for her to stop? Share your thoughts below!

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