TOWIE Star Amy Childs Prepares for Second Boob Job

TOWIE star Amy Childs admits that plastic surgery can become an addiction and she is currently getting ready to get a second breast augmentation procedure. She tells reporters that she would even have a third boob job if she felt like she needed it at some point. The 21-year-old actress says that while she doesn’t want to keep having them done, she would be more than happy to go under the knife if her boobs started to sag by the time she turns 30.

Childs believes that plastic surgery is, “a great way to improve confidence…I would say you have to feel good about yourself. And it’s not as if I’m telling all of my young fans to go and have a boob job. But I would say if you have a dodgy nose, get it done! Make yourself feel good.”

It’s these good feelings that keep many people addicted to plastic surgery as well. Childs points out that she can see why some people become addicted to cosmetic surgery – although she claims that she, personally, is not addicted. She says that she does have limits and there are some procedures that she would never consider getting. Childs doesn’t believe that procedures like liposuction are really necessary. “Just work out and train. You get horrible scarring from lipo,” she says.

Breast augmentation continues to be one of the most sought-after procedures for women and many plastic surgeons offer a variety of options, including silicone and saline implants, breast lifts, fat transfer boob jobs, and breast augmentation with fillers.

Is Amy Childs taking things too far at such a young age? Share your thoughts below!

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