Tom Cruise Says He’s Never Had Plastic Surgery – And Never Will

Tom Cruise, now 50, has maintained most of his young, boyish looks from his Top Gun days and has some critics wondering if the star has gone under the knife. Cruise recently interviewed with Playboy and revealed that he has never gone under the knife – and probably never will.

People been commenting on Tom Cruise’s youthful appearance after some pictures next to his much younger wife, Katie Holmes.

Earlier this year, Hollywood Reporter, EPOCA magazine claimed that Cruise had been talking to a Brazilian cosmetic surgeon. This sparked buzz that Cruise either had, or was going to have, plastic surgery.

Later last year, The Hollywood Reporter, pointed out that Cruise may have found the “fountain of youth” with the help of a Brazilian doctor: “Cruise has had meetings with world famous Brazilian surgeon Dr. Ivo Pitanguy. Cruise even invited the good doctor to the 2009 Rio premiere of Knight and Day. And on that same trip, Cruise, wife Katie Holmes and daughter Suri were photographed having lunch at Pitanguy’s private island in Brazil’s Bay of Kings.”

Other tabloids reported that Cruise maintains his young-looking skin with a strict skincare regimen and even uses his wife’s foundation on occasion. Hollywood Reporter claims that Tom may actually be using Dr. Pitanguy’s exclusive skincare line, Beauty by Clinica Ivo Pitanguy which is available in luxury department stores around the United States. Pitanguy has allegedly worked on many celebrities including Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and Persian empress Farah Diba.

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