Kris Jenner’s Facelift Triggers Lawsuit with Anti-Aging Cosmetics Company

Kris Jenner of the famous Kardashian family is currently tied up in a lawsuit she filed against a cosmetics company she was working with because she underwent a facelift. The company claims that Jenner is guilty of a breach of contract because she went under the knife. The company believes that Jenner cannot endorse an anti-aging product when she has decided to have a facelift procedure to enhance her own looks.

The original report filed by TMZ discusses the facelift that has caused a stir with the anti-aging company, pointing out that the facelift goes against her endorsement of a beauty product that she had agreed to promote for the company. Jenner was originally under contract to promote the Frownies brand and the Beautiful Eyes Bag product, a wrinkle treatment for lines that appear around the eyes.

Jenner has filed a countersuit against the company claiming that they exploited her surgery just to break the contract. Jenner was given an advance of more than $300,000 to endorse the product and is filing a countersuit to continue with the original contract . She argues that the facelift procedure’s effects only affected her neck – not her face – so she could essentially continue to promote anti-aging products for those who want to get rid of wrinkles and fine lines.




Facelifts continue to be a popular choice among many celebrities and can help to take up to a decade off your appearance. Talk to a facelift doctor in your area for more information about this popular anti-aging procedure.

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