“Human Barbie” Sarah Burge Encourages 8-Year-Old Daughter to Have Plastic Surgery

Sarah Burge from Great Britain, otherwise known as the “Human Barbie”, is working hard to have her daughter Poppy enter pageant competitions in the United States. The mom of 8-year-old Poppy made headlines recently for giving her daughter gift certificates for a boob job and liposuction when she turns 18. Burge is a determined pageant mom who has just entered her daughter into her first American competition to be held in Atlanta this May.

According to a recent story on limelife.com, Burge has spent about $30,000 on her daughter to make sure she wins every pageant competition. She recently told Socialite Life that the young girl is training for the upcoming events in America up to four hours per day after school.

This isn’t the first time Burge has generated some publicity about her plastic surgery endeavors. She was featured on The Doctors TV show earlier this year for giving her daughter a liposuction voucher worth about $11,000 as a Christmas present. The mom was reportedly very confident that the money would be well spent in her daughter’s future. Poppy also received breast augmentation voucher for her birthday.

According to Burge, there is nothing inappropriate about giving her daughter a certificate to have plastic surgery in the future. She points out that she is an associate for a cosmetic surgery company and “is in a position to do so”. She believes that any 18-year-old would be more than happy to have the opportunity to get breast implants or other procedures if they could. According to Burge, she is only helping her daughter by predicting that she will indeed need a boob job or liposuction when she is 18.

Here’s a clip from The Doctors TV show:

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