Oscar Winning Documentary Features Plastic Surgeon as Unsung Hero

The two female victims are sitting and facing the camera, reliving the memory and covering their faces with a cloth.

"It took one second to ruin my life completely, " says the woman who reveals severe burns on her face.


Each of the Pakistani woman's painful and visible scars were under the spotlight at the Oscars. The images were difficult for millions of TV viewers and Oscar participants. The short documentary sent a powerful statement to the audience: one person can make a difference. That one person happens to be a plastic surgeon by the name of  Dr. Mohammad Jawad. 

The documentary called Saving Face, co-directed by journalist Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy won an oscar at the 84th Annual Academy Awards. In the video, there is one unsung hero who played a critical role in correcting these women's scars, plastic surgeon Jawad.

"When I heard about the acid violence in my homeland, I said, I must do something," said Dr. Jawad during the documentary.

Saving Face shadows plastic surgeon Dr. Jawad as he repairs the faces of two women, who are a growing number of women disfigured by violence in Pakistan. Reports show at least 150 women in Pakistan are attacked with acid a year.

In the United States, the American Burn Association says 450,000 people require medical assistance from severe burn injuries. This documentary highlights the important work done by plastic surgeons to correct severe burns.

Plastic surgeons have the knowledge and ability to re-construct the skin so that it appears as close as possible to what the patient had before. Many times these surgeons do this through the transfer of skin tissues. Skin grafting is a very common procedure. This is done by taking skin from the recipient of a donor and transferring it to the wounded area.

As you can see in the documentary, Saving Face, the healing process can be long and painful, but worth it because the skin is usually so damaged that it may not be able to regenerate on its own. Without procedures like this, many people would not survive.

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Saving Face is scheduled for broadcast in North America on March 8 on HBO.

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