Former Model Dominates Cosmetic Surgery Industry

Cosmetic Surgeon GeorgiaCrystals drip from sparkling chandeliers, casting glittering patterns adorn the silver wallpaper. And there she stands in the doorway, beautiful and commanding. Even without a lab coat, she exudes an air of authority. This is a woman of obvious importance, style and grace. This is Dr. Nedra Dodds, a well known cosmetic surgeon in Kennesaw, Georgia.

Her brand-new office provides an appropriate backdrop for the work she does as a cosmetic surgeon, where her job is to enhance beauty. A dull office just wouldn’t do. It's a glamorous office and a glamorous life.

Her tale begins during a routine shopping trip, when young Nedra was approached by a modeling scout.

This chance meeting launched her into the world of high fashion, commercials and pageants—which filled her free time during high school and college.

Cosmetic Surgeon GeorgiaDespite her accomplishments, however, she knew this wasn't her destined path.

“I decided in seventh grade that I wanted to be a physician, and I never really changed my mind,” she recalls. “ I always loved the functioning of the human body.” She continued modeling through medical school, but upon graduation, she took an adrenaline-pumping position as a physician in the ER, where she remained for 10 years.

But something was missing. “At the time, it was not popular to be overly feminine if you wanted to be taken seriously, so I went years playing down my looks and essentially acting like one of the guys,” she confides. And then, one day, she had an epiphany.

“I realized this was not the life I had envisioned. I literally came home one day and said I didn't want to be involved in any more sadness that I couldn't control,” she recalls. The field of anti-aging aesthetic medicine was the perfect new path. “I was personally interested in anti-aging (what female isn’t?), and then that blossomed into full-time training in cosmetic surgery—because, really, I’m that girl,” she quips.

So, in 2006, Dr. Dodds founded Opulence Aesthetic Medicine—which has since ballooned into an international presence with more than 5,000 patients. Here, this mom of three combines her artistic eye with her surgical background to “rejuvenate the skin, body and nutritional status of my patients. I have been so fortunate to find a career I really love that allows me to use all of my life experiences,” she concludes. Now, there is no more sadness, no more hiding who she really is. At Opulence, Dr. Dodds truly shines.

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