Rumors Suggest Tom Cruise Has Had Plastic Surgery

49-year-old actor Tom Cruise is reportedly looking especially fresh-faced and even more youthful and some reports suggest that he recently met with Brazilian plastic surgeon Dr. Ivo Pitanguy. EPOCA Magazine in Brazil reports that the Hollywood superstar has had lunch with Dr. Ivo at the surgeon’s private island in Brazil and may have been discussing his options for maintaining a more youthful look. Cruise has previously stated that he has just been using anti-aging skin care products to keep his skin looking youthful, but the press believes the actor might actually have undergone some type of cosmetic surgery or plastic surgery.

Cruise falls right in the ideal target market for anti-aging procedures. Many people of his generation are already undergoing cosmetic procedures like Botox, facelifts, microdermabrasion, and skin tightening procedures to maintain or achieve a more youthful look. Eyelid lifts and facial liposuction are just two other popular procedures for reversing the signs of aging and creating a more rejuvenated appearance.

The jury’s still out on whether Tom Cruise has actually gone under the knife – or is thinking about it in the near future. The actor does have some very visible wrinkles and lines around his eyes and a few furrows in his forehead that could easily be corrected with Botox and other wrinkle fillers. If he underwent a facelift, he may be able to take about a decade off his appearance.

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