New Jersey Governor Cuts into Cosmetic Surgery Tax

jwoww new jersey cosmetic surgery tax cutDuring a New Jersey Legislative session this week, Governor Chris Christie took a good look at breast implants, tummy tucks and liposuction in his state. The outspoken Republican Governor then decided his current tax plan on cosmetic surgery needed a little lift. Monday, during the last hours of the New Jersey’s legislative session, he repealed a bill, cutting out the eight year old tax.

How The New Jersey Cosmetic Tax Hurts Patients

Right now, New Jersey is the only state that taxes cosmetic surgeries, driving prospective patients, who want a better rate, to nearby states like New York, Pennsylvania and Connecticut. To help stimulate business for doctors and hospitals, Governor Christie proposed getting rid of the 6% tax on cosmetic surgeries and elective surgeries performed in the state. According to state records, the tax raises 10 million annually, but proponents of the repeal say the state is losing revenue. They say hospitals, surgery centers and doctors are losing out on the potential business. And let’s face it, there is a lot of business in New Jersey.

Celebrity Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery in New Jersey

snooki new jersey cosmetic surgery tax cutIf you have turned on the TV in the last millennium, you would know that half of the MTV’s Jersey Shore cast has undergone some sort of cosmetic procedure, inspiring others in the state to do the same. Jenni Farley, also known as JWoww, loves her breast implants so much, she told Access Hollywood, “I would do it every year if I had to. I would regret not doing them. I recommend them for anybody.” Her partner in crime, Snookie, also from MTV’s Jersey Shore recently toldTV Host Wendy Williams about her desire for breast implants. And do we need to get into how many of the TV’s Real Housewives of New Jersey has a cosmetic surgery past?

How the New Jersey Cosmetic Tax Cut Will Benefit Patients

Once the bill is signed into law, the New Jersey cosmetic tax cut is expected to drop to 4 percent in the first quarter, to 2 percent starting July 1, 2012, to July 1, 2013 and finally disappearing after July 1, 2013. Proponents of the cut are hoping patients like Snooki, JWoww and TV's Real Housewives of New Jersey can now save money and gas. That's enough to raise an eyebrow, without the cost of an actual anti-aging procedure.

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