JWoww Denies Getting Facial Plastic Surgery

25-year-old Jersey Shore star JWoww has been open about getting breast implants, but says she is “insulted” that people would suggest she has also had plastic surgery on her cheeks, chin, and nose. Jenni “JWoww” Farley recently appeared on the Wendy Williams talk show and explained that her recent weight loss could have been what caused some changes in her face. Farley recently lost 15 pounds and got in great shape for a photo shoot. She says she works out twice a day with her boyfriend, and also watches what she eats. She also takes the Ab Cuts nutritional supplement.

Farley told Wendy, “They say I got my cheeks done, they say I got my nose, my chin. I just lost 15 pounds, and it was all in my face and neck. That’s what was insulting me, because I was like, “What did my nose look like 15 pounds ago?”

Training five days a week, taking the Ab Cuts nutritional supplement once or twice per day, and eating a more balanced diet are what are helping this start get in – and stay – in shape. She also uses the supplement Thermogenic Push to rev up her metabolism. JWoww says, “It gives me the energy I need to be able to do the intense workouts.”

Do you think JWoww has had plastic surgery or is just getting healthier? Post your thoughts in the comments below. You can also browse some of these plastic surgery before and after photos from plastic surgeons in your area.

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