Ali Lohan Denies All Rumors that She Had Plastic Surgery

Ali Lohan plastic surgery rumorsAli Lohan, daughter of Dina Lohan and sister of Lindsay Lohan, was recently signed by Next Model Management but when some candid pictures of her appeared in the media, rumors spread that the ultra-thin Lohan had undergone some type of plastic surgery makeover. Ali Lohan’s mother Dina made a statement on the Wendy Williams talk show this fall, indicating that Ali had not gone under the knife to achiever her lean figure or get those coveted sculpted cheekbones. (Hear what Dina Lohan had to say in this video) Williams asked Lohan if her daughter had had plastic surgery, and Dina replied, “Absoluteley not. She’s 17. I don’t really believe in plastic surgery for young girls. Some do, but I don’t.”

Speculation that Lohan had undergone plastic surgery began in August, and the star recently told Page Six Magazine that she was actually “cracking up” over the rumors. Ali, who now goes by Aliana, says that she just doesn’t feel plastic surgery is right. She also added that she’s learned from her 25-year-old sister’s drug and alcohol-related problems, and doesn’t drink or use any illegal substances of any kind.

Aliana told Page Six Magazine, “Because, like, when would I do that (surgery)?. I’m 17 years old. That’s not legal! I would need my mother’s signature, and do you think my mom would sign of on that? No! It’s not the right thing to do.”

The supposed plastic surgery before and after photos that are lurking around the Internet show Aliana’s “before” picture with a less sculpted jawline and less obvious cheekbones. The “after” photo makes her appear more gaunt and bony. Aliana says that a recent growth spurt is to blame for the changes and insists that she has not had plastic surgery of any kind to improve her appearance.

Here are some plastic surgery before and after photos from real patients.

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