This Female CEO Had Plastic Surgery 12 Times

A successful investment banker at a Wall Street firm says that self-esteem issues drove her to the plastic surgeon – twelve times. The businesswoman was recently interviewed on and says that having a killer body was exactly what she needed to get the confidence she wanted. She tells the interviewer, “…the way men reacted to me after my first surgery was the way I thought people would treat me if I had suddenly become famous. It was clear the reaction had nothing to do with who I really am.”

The woman says she had the following cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures: liposuction on the thighs; breast implants; two nose jobs; ear pinning surgery; an eye lift; a forehead lift; lip filler treatment; lip surgery to repair lip filler damage; a tummy tuck; a facelift; and teeth veneers.

She says that she is “not as vulnerable as I was before my surgeries, and I’m more careful about who I choose to be with. I choose people who love me for me. At the end of the day, the only thing important to me is whether I have earned my own admiration. I refuse to be judged by anyone else.”

The CEO says her motto is, “Keep the best of you, do the rest of you”, a line from the song, A Chorus Line. Her desire for plastic surgery began at the age of 24 when her husband criticized her small breasts and large thighs. She says she felt “completely undesirable” and that it didn’t matter that she was becoming a very successful banker at a prestigious firm. Her low self-esteem was “restored” with a trip to the plastic surgeon’s office.

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