Best Celebrity Plastic Surgeries of 2011

The lineup of celebrities who underwent plastic surgery in 2011 is fairly small compared to other years, but there were still a few notable makeovers of the year. JWoww surprised us with a 15-pound weight loss that made it look like she had a nose job and facial plastic surgery. Dancing with the Stars dancer Lacey Schwimmer got a boob job to go from a B-cup to a D-cup. And, Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham also got breast implants to go from an A cup to a C cup. Who else went under the knife in 2011? US Weekly put together this celebrity plastic surgery slideshow.

Here’s a rundown of the most talked-about celebrity plastic surgeries of 2011.

Bristol Palin’s Jaw Surgery

Bristol Palin underwent corrective jaw surgery this past spring but she says that vanity isn’t what took her to the surgeon’s office. The former Dancing with the Stars contestant had surgery for medical reasons and it did end up improving the way she looked.

Vienna Girardi’s Nose Job

One of the most talked about plastic surgeries for TV stars was Vienna Girardi’s rhinoplasty procedure. The surgeon reshaped the tip and sides of her nose to create a more balanced appearance. Girardi says she’s all for plastic surgery as long as “it makes you feel better about yourself.”

Kris Jenner’s Face Lift

Face lift procedures can tighten loose skin and also eliminate wrinkles and lines. Kris Jenner got her face lift right before Kim Kardashian’s wedding. Before and after photos make her appear a few years younger and you can see a noticeable difference in the contours of her face.

Nicole Richie’s Boob Job

Nicole Richie says that pregnancy left her very flat-chested and she barely had any breasts to begin with. Richie underwent a minor breast augmentation procedure to increase her cup size and give her a more feminine figure.

LeAnn Rimes’ Boob Job

LeAnn Rimes created waves in the media with her recent weight loss. The singer is far less curvy than she was last year and in some pictures, appears to be just skin and bones. She got breast implants to add back some of the fat she lost in her chest and says she’s always been a bit insecure about her chest size.

Alexis Bellino’s Nose Job

The Real Housewives of Orange County star got a nose job in October 2011 but most people barely noticed the difference. The surgeon did some very slight reshaping of her nostrils and tip to create a smoother, more streamlined appearance. She says that “It’s perked up my face”.

If you’ve been thinking about getting plastic surgery to look like your favorite celebrity, make sure you’ve taken some time to look at before and after photos of your coveted procedure and find a board-certified cosmetic surgeon or plastic surgeon in your area.

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