Breast Reduction Surgery Has Higher Complication Rates in Women Over 50

Breast Reduction Risks Higher for SeniorsBreast reduction surgery is an attractive option for women who want to decrease discomfort from very large or sagging breasts, and improve their appearance.  However, recent research suggests that women over 50 undergoing breast reduction surgery may experience more surgery-related complications than their younger counterparts.

Older womens’ changing hormone levels and other factors are to blame for the higher risk of complications with this type of surgery – especially infections at the incision site.

According to new research presented by ASPS Member Surgeon Michele A. Shermak, MD, and researchers of The Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions, Baltimore, women over 50 are at a higher risk of developing an infection after a breast reduction procedure. While breast reduction surgery – also known as mammoplasty – is very effective for relieving pain, posture problems and even skin problems from too-tight bra straps – women over 50 years of age may experience even worse problems by undergoing surgery. Wound healing rates for these women are much longer and repeat surgery may be required to get rid of dead skin. Declining hormone levels can also play a role in the healing process.

If you’re thinking about undergoing breast reduction surgery, take a look at these breast reduction before and after photos and get in touch with a cosmetic surgeon or plastic surgeon in your area directly through this site.

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