Star Jessica-Jane Clement Dishes on Her Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

TV presenter and model Jessica-Jane Clement has admitted to getting cosmetic procedures but says that one particular treatment ended in disastrous results. Clement explains that she had a lip augmentation procedure when she as 22 and “it went very wrong.”.

She tells the UK Daily Mail, “I had fillers put in my lips but the used a product, Radiesse, which is only meant to be used to de-wrinkle your face. This lady put it in my lips. They swelled up and I had these two pea-sized balls at the end of my lips. I was devastated and I felt so stupid that I had done it.”

Clement first appeared in Playboy magazine at 18 years old but her image today is completely different from her pinup days.

Today she is famous for her appearance on the show, “I’m A Celebrity – Get Me Out of Here” where she learns how to survive in a jungle with fellow stars. Clement has already admitted to having breast enlargement surgery, another popular procedure among celebrities and models.

The reality star admits that she’s never been too concerned about gaining weight in the jungle because she’s naturally a grazer and just doesn’t need to eat big meals.

Take a look at these lip augmentation before and after photos to see examples of successful outcomes with Radiesse and other dermal fillers.

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