Pousti Plastic Surgery Announces Adoption of Keller Funnel for Breast Implants

Pousti Plastic Surgery adopts Keller Breast Implant TechniquePousti Plastic Surgery in California has been a leader in breast augmentation and reconstructive surgical procedures for several years. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Pousti recently introduced the Keller Funnel technique for breast implants at his practice.

This technique is now an option for patients who want silicone breast implants and may improve surgical outcomes in some patients.

The Keller Funnel allows the surgeon to insert the silicone implant using a small cone-shaped instrument and speeds up the entire procedure time. Dr. Pousti is able to deliver the implant into the tissues without physically touching the implant. This reduces the risk of contamination and can make the entire procedure smoother. All it takes is a small squeeze of pressure to insert the implant into the breast pocket.

Take a look at these silicone implant before and after photos to see how these types of implants can create a very natural appearance.

The Keller Funnel technique not only improves surgical outcomes, but can also mean very little scarring and a faster healing time than traditional techniques.

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