TV Dance Show Star Chelsee Healey Regrets Plastic Surgery

Strictly Come Dancing star Chlesee Healey recently interviewed with “Closer” magazine in the UK and admits that she’s never really been immune to the pressure to look perfect. Healey says she has plenty of body hang-ups and even went breast augmentation at an early age. She regrets having plastic surgery so young and admits that she was just insecure about her appearance. The star had a boob job at the young age of just 19 years old, going from a 32C to a DD. Four years later, she says she’s unhappy with her decision to go under the knife.

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Healey tells the magazine, “There’s always been a part of me that wished I’d not had them done, but it was a long time ago and there’s nothing I can change now. I was young and if it was a decision I was making now, I wouldn’t have gone through with it. Not now I’m older and a bit wiser. I feel they’re a bit too big and I’ve only got a little frame.” Healey is a size 6.

The star recently received a wave of negative comments after an appearance on the dance show in a cleavage-revealing dress. She says that she’s just learning to just ignore the negative comments and is finally in a place where she doesn’t feel the pressure to have any more work done. She says, “There’s nothing else I feel like I need or want to do.”

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