3 Healthy Foods that Boost Your Metabolism

Foods to Boost the MetabolismAre you still struggling to lose those last ten pounds? You may be a good candidate for a diet makeover. Eating certain foods can alter your metabolism and make you burn more calories after the meal. Certain foods require your body to work harder to process them, so they have a natural thermic effect. When you’re trying to lose weight with diet and exercise, eating the right foods could be the key to getting results. Modify your diet this week by adding these three healthy foods to boost your metabolism:

  1. Green Tea. A healthy source of caffeine that can speed up your brain and nervous system, green tea is a valuable addition to any weight loss diet. Sip on unsweetened green tea throughout the day to increase your fluid intake and boost your metabolism. If you do want to sweeten your tea, use Stevia (a natural sweetener) or ½ teaspoon of honey.
  2. Almonds. A valuable source of healthy fats, almonds have a strong thermic effect and can help to increase your metabolism shortly after consumption. Just remember that almonds are fairly high in calories – a little can go a long way. Eat ¼ cup of almonds with a lean protein like yogurt or cottage cheese as a healthy snack.
  3. Jalapenos. Need to add a kick to bland dishes? Use jalapenos and you’ll enjoy the benefit of a higher metabolism as well. Jalapenos and other peppers contain capcaisin, a compound that heats up the body naturally and can speed up your heart rate. Add jalapenos to sandwiches or salads, or just eat them alone if you can for their metabolism-boosting benefits.

Remember that variety is key when you’re committing to eating healthy. Add some of the above foods to your weekly menu for that much-needed metabolism boost. Need help with your diet? Talk to a weight loss specialist in your area.

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