Plastic Surgeon Reveals Most Popular Non-Surgical Cosmetic Procedures for Men

While many women strive to achieve their ideal look with plastic or cosmetic surgery, the desire for self-improvement is still prevalent among men. Dr. Bryan G. Forley, a board-certified plastic surgeon in New York reports that many men are interested in non-surgical plastic procedures because they want to maintain their youthful looks. He says that procedures that involve minimal downtime – including Botox, Ultherapy and injectable fillers – are considered to be “more acceptable” by busy male professionals in society today.

If you’ve been thinking about Botox and other minimally-invasive procedure, set up a consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon in your area to discuss your options. Take a look at some of these minimally-invasive before and after photos to see examples of successful outcomes with Botox, injectable fillers and non-surgical anti-aging solutions.

Men of all ages interested in downplaying the signs of aging and maintaining a more youthful look don’t have to turn to facelift surgery to get the results they want. Many male patients can benefit from non-surgical procedures such as Botox Cosmetic, Ultherapy skin tightening, and several dermal fillers that fill out wrinkles and folds, and improve the skin overall.

Dr. Forley says that he’s seen a noticeable increase in demand for procedures such as Botox Cosmetic and Ultherapy among his male clients. He reports that some of the signs of aging in men include loss of facial volume and deep wrinkles. These can be corrected with the help of dermal fillers including Juvederm, Perlane and Restylane – a set of fillers that are used to perform the “liquid facelift”, a temporary alternative to facelift surgery that can fill out deep lines and wrinkles, and make the skin appear more youthful.

Dr. Forley also recommends the injectable filler, Sculptra because this particular filler triggers collagen production and helps to restore lost facial volume permanently. He says that Sculptra, “allows for a very natural appearing restoration of facial volume that has shifted or atrophied for up to 3 years. The fact that this change occurs over a period of months is very appealing to men who don’t want any sudden changes in their appearance.”

If you think you may be a good candidate for minimally invasive procedures such as Botox, Juvederm and Ultherapy, set up a consultation with a plastic surgeon in your area to find out what anti-aging treatments may be the best option for you. Take a look at these minimally-invasive before and after photos to see how patients just like you were able to make a significant change in their appearance.


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