Rejuvenate Skin with the SilkPeel this Fall

Clear Up Skin with the SilkPeel this FallIf the cooler weather is taking its toll on your skin, you may be a good candidate for a skin rejuvenation procedure. The SilkPeel is a non-invasive skin resurfacing and skin-enhancing treatment that can improve your complexion and give you that radiant glow. It’s designed to treat all skin types and can improve the texture and tone of your skin after just a single treatment.

Dr. Rebecca Fitzgerlad recently demonstrated the SilkPeel treatment on The Doctors TV show and pointed out that this treatment can be very effective for achieving a youthful, well-rested look.

Take a look at these laser skin resurfacing before and after photos to see how skin rejuvenation procedures like the SilkPeel can enhance and improve the skin. If you’re ready for a treatment, talk set up a consultation with a medical spa in your area.

How the SilkPeel Works

The SilkPeel is very similar to a microdermabrasion treatment except the exfoliation part of the procedure involves the application of a special serum for your skin type. This serum may contain antioxidants, acne-fighting ingredients or anti-aging compounds, and is delivered deeper into the pores with the help of the SilkPeel device. Your skin specialist will choose one of three different solutions to apply to the skin so that the entire treatment is completely customized. Whether you’re dealing with sun-damaged skin, acnetic skin or just want to freshen up your skin for the season, your skincare specialist will choose the appropriate serum for your particular needs.

One of the key differences between the SilkPeel treatment and conventional microdermabrasion is that the products applied to the skin are forced deeper into the tissues with the help of hyperbaric oxygen. As more nutrients go deeper into the skin, you’ll enjoy the benefit of a more refreshed and rejuvenated look.

Most patients see a significant improvement in their skin after a single treatment, but can enjoy even more benefits with a series of treatments. The treatment isn’t painful in any way, and you can wear makeup shortly after your session.

The SilkPeel is currently available at select medical spas and cosmetic surgery centers around the country. Take a look at these laser skin resurfacing before and after photos to see how patients just like you have been able to achieve noticeable results after a single session. When you’re ready for an appointment, set up a consultation with a medical spa in your area.

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